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Selected photography by John Wayne Hill

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John Wayne Hill, recognizing the immense value that Unsplash has provided to the creative community over the years, decided to join the platform and contribute his own photography. By offering his captivating images for free, he aims to give back to the community that has supported his own creative endeavors. This generous act reflects John’s commitment to fostering a collaborative and sharing spirit among fellow artists and designers, ensuring that everyone can have access to high-quality visual resources to enhance their projects.

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Mt Hood at sunset by John Wayne Hill

John Wayne Hill

I’m a portrait, lifestyle, and landscape photographer. I love creating portraits and getting to know the person I’m photographing. I help people get comfortable in front of the camera and help bring out their personalities.

I also love exploring the world and observing from behind the camera. I love finding the hidden worlds within our world and bringing them to life.

I’m also a Product Designer, Coach, and Woodworker! Check out my other sites to learn more about me.

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Got an awesome project in mind, want to collaborate, need information? Reach out via! I’m open to portraits, lifestyle, landscape, head-shots, article features and magazines, engagement, and much more!